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Beijing GEE SMA Technology Co., Ltd. (GEE), founded in 1998, is a professional high-tech enterprise which is one of the earliest engaged in nitinol shape memory alloy in China. GEE has committed itself to improving its manufacturing technique, quality control, memory training and products deep processing on SMA in the past twenty years. 
GEE’s products can be stable to the standards ASTM F2063-2012 and GB24627-2009. The super-elastic wires (glasses wire, antenna wire, fishing wire, etc.) are widely used in the high-end market, at the same time the shape memory wire and micro wire (from dia.0.01 to dia. 0.15mm ) are widely used in toy manufacturing, electronic drive, automatic control and other industries. The processing range of Ultra-thin strip and nanocomposite materials can be reached form dia. 0.01mm to dia.10mm. In addition, according to the market demand, our company has developed a variety of memory alloy profiles and multicomponent shape memory alloy materials, which provides great convenience for related enterprises at home and abroad.
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